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School Security Systems



It’s time to get control of your buildings back. Imagine having to allow access to thousands of staff all over the city. To manage such a staff the best solution would be to place a badging station at the District Level. The badging station will need connectivity to all the schools over a WAN. The MASC system can support hundreds of buildings all over the city and beyond. Direct IP connectivity would be used to connect each remote school to the District MASC Server. This gives the schools one database for all their staff. A single card holder could have access to one building or any combination of buildings.

Integrate the CCTV system so each of the principals can view video from their area of responsibility. This will allow them to investigate claims of misconduct and find the responsible parties. If they want to check up on alarms, the MASC product can partition the alarms so each workstation only receives events from their school.

In summary, MASC is a great fit because it supports large scale multi-building applications through an IP wide area network.