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MAC-4Rx MASC Access Controller

MAC-4R Controller

Imagine an easy to use Access Control panel, with all the power of a PLC. The MAC-4Rx is an intelligent distributed processing Access Control panel with programmable ladder logic control functions. The integrated Echelon communications scheme brings IP connectivity, reliability, high addressability, and inter-panel communications.

Readers, inputs, and outputs can be configured in any shape or form to meet special conditions for opening a door. Sally ports and man traps are easy to program. Real-time point status allows the user to see the true state of every point at all times. The controllers can even be programmed for special actions based on card holder activity. Analog devices can make decisions based on counts, greater than or less than commands. So whether it’s time zone controlling a door to open at a certain time of day, or operating under the demanding controls of our US State and Federal prisons, the MAC-4Rx controller has what it takes to do the job.

Up to 4 readers, 8 inputs, and 4 outputs can be connected to one MAC-4Rx Access Controller. Multiple controllers can be programmed to talk to one another through our use of Echelon’s Lon-Talk peer-to-peer communications. Bus, Star, or Loop topologies are all supported with up to 63 devices (panels) on one network segment. If one of those devices is a repeater you can change topology types and add another 63 devices. A project can start small with 4 or 8 doors and continue to expand into thousands of doors.

The controllers can be powered using 12 or 24vdc so you only need one power supply for all the locks and controllers together.

Combine this unit with PLC adapters, intercom adapters all mounted on the same rack.