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Nothing is more demanding on a Touchscreen than a prison or jail security applications. It’s a 24-hour a day operation that can not fail. MASC can be looked at as a direct replacement for Wonderware or other GUI interfaces. The difference is MASC offers standard off the shelf drivers for PLC, Intercom and CCTV systems so no custom development is required. MASC also supports Access Control in the same system. This eliminates the need for purchasing two systems and hardwiring them together. In short, the system has to provide all the following functionality:

The MASC system supports industrial PLC systems like Omron, Allen Bradley, GE and others, but also has a industrial PLC of it’s own that offers distributed processing. The MASC Logic Series (MLC) PLC’s can be distributed into the field saving hundreds of thousands of dollars at installation time. All of the PLC’s communicate over Lon-Talk an Echelon communications bus. This offers peer-to-peer communications through drag-n-drop programming.

The other greatest benefit for using MASC is that all the drivers are supplied with standard off the shelf software so no custom drivers need to be developed. This frees the facility from having golden hand-cuffs to one installer or integrator. If you’re not getting the type of service you should be getting you can move on to another company. All the programming is drag-n-drop so you don’t need to be a programmer to install or support the system. Everyone knows that there’s a lot of dependency on the original tech that installed the project. If he decides to move on, your level of support does not diminish.

In summary, MASC offers all the horse power needed for prison or jail security projects. The equipment can be integrated together so one touchscreen can control; Door locking, Electrical, Utilities, Access Control, CCTV, Intercom, and Perimeter Fence protection systems.