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Floor Plan Graphics


The MASC Graphic Maps software should be considered as a development tool because it's not limited to a particular look and feel. Virtually every setting that determines the look and feel of the screen can be changed. Yes, they have defaults, so if you want to follow the standard way of laying out a screen you can put it together very quickly. You can even replicate and copy the icons you've already programmed into new icons.

Building layouts are all added to the screen by dropping them out of the database. They can be moved around and streched to size. For the best performance you want to use a vector based file format like wmf or simular. Screen are tied together by creating navigation menu's. This too can take on any shape you wish. Doors, cameras, intercoms, and alarm points are all drag-n-drop programming. Drag them out of the tree and assign them to the hardware monitoring the point.

The Interactive Graphic Maps can show all devices simultaneously in a chosen area or floor plan on one screen. That screen can also index other maps of the same facility. The graphic maps show the true state of every point and allow operator actions that change based on the state of the point. So if the door is in it's normal state, clicking on the door will provide a temoorary unlocking of the door, but if it's in alarm and we click on it, we could take an entirely different action.

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