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Military and DoD Contractor Security

Military Applications


Many times the needs of these bases and contractors are so unique that customized software is required. MASC can meet many of these needs with out-of-the-box software because when we first created it, we placed customizing screens and functions at the top of our list. MASC should be considered as the software tool box and although it has default programming, almost anything can be programmed to happen. Screens can be created with any number of points on them, showing up to 16 different states per point. The operator actions performed on that point are also programmable, so if the point is in it’s normal condition, the operator may just open the door, but if it’s in alarm an entirely different scheme of actions may occur. Automated actions continuously monitor the status of all the points in the system and if the right sets of conditions exist, the system can automatically respond to the threat at hand.

Security and authorization levels are critical when providing Access Control to bases or DoD contractors. The first step is supporting government issued PIV, DoD, or CAC cards to verify the identity of the user. This can also be combined with BIO data like finger prints or special PIN codes. The MAC-4R offers full support of all the government issued cards above.

MASC was originally developed with many of the core features requested by the Core of Engineers; Two-man rule, Threat Levels, and Supervisor cards. For example you may be escorting a visitor around and the security system needs to track everywhere this visitor goes but he/she can not go anywhere by themselves. Supervisors have the ability to escort visitors so when they come to a restricted area, the visitor swipes their card first, the door does not unlock, but when the supervisor swipes his card the system unlocks the door and you get both card reads showing the supervisor and visitor(s) card reads together.

In the field the MAC-4R can be customized through PLC ladder logic. This works great for those multi-gate applications that require multiple reads and the presence of vehicles.

In summary, MASC has a great potential of meeting all the needs of military bases and DoD contractors; Integrated Access Control with PLC, CCTV, Intercom, and Perimeter Fence protection systems all in one GUI Interface.