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Police Station


So why is the MASC product one the best fits for controlling and monitoring Police Station Security applications?

Local police stations have very unique needs.

Police Graphic Maps

The safety of officers and inmates is increased substantially when remote monitoring is in place. The system needs to be user-friendly with presentation of building layouts, status of doors and cells with the ability to answer intercom calls on the same screen. Many times we don’t have the luxury of training new staff so we have two simple steps for them. Highlight the alarm in the alarm que. This will bring them to the right screen and show them the status of all the doors and cells in the immediate area. If you have integrated camera control, the system will automatically bring up the right camera and display it on the monitor. Acknowledge the alarm, and take appropriate action.

If we need recorded video, the MASC software can also be used to retrieve recorded video and cut a DVD for evidence.

MASC and the MAC-4R controllers are a perfect fit for these types of installations as they offer all the functionality required in one system.