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Integrated Camera System Manufacturers

Axis logo
SDK:Axis Media Control v3.30
Models Supported include: Axis 240Q, 207, 211, 221, 213PTZ
225FD, 214PTZ

Bosch Logo
Bosch Allegiant CCTV Matrix Control
Models: LTC-8100, LTC-8200, LTC-8300, LTC-8400, LTC-8500
LTC-8600, LTC-8800, LTC-8900
Bosch DiBos and DiVar DVR's
SDK: 4.32
Models: Videojet, DiBos 8.4, DiVar 2, Divar XF, Divar 700
VIP 10, VIP 1000, VIP-X


Exacq Logo

All models are supported, View Live Video only, no Playback

IndigoVision Logo
Control Center Automation Version 3.6
Control Center works will all model numbers.

Milestone Logo
Milestone Xprotect series

Nice Logo
NiceVision Pro and Nice Vision Alto Pro


Pelco Logo
Models: DX8000, DX8100

Vicon Logo
Vicon SDK Ver 3.3
Nova Series: V1344, V1344, V1422, V1466A, and V1500


Camera Integration

We currently support over 26 drivers to provide integrated Camera control and video playback. The features supported on each system vary with the software control (SDK) provided to us by the manufacturer. When we create the drivers we support all the functions provided to us. All the drivers on the left support the following list of features.

Please take note that not all model numbers are supported. We have listed the supported models under each manufacturer.

Feature Set

  • Multi-Video mode with 4, 8, 9, or 16 cameras on a secondary monitor
  • Selective callup of live video for an individual camera
  • Pan, TIlt, Zoom Control when equiped with a PTZ device
  • Automatic camera call-up based on an Alarm
  • Video Playback to request recorded video for a particular camera over a period of time
  • Create Video clip and send it to a DVD