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MASC - Managed Automated
Security Controls

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Managed Automated Security Controls (MASC HMI Software) is a scalable enterprise-class application designed to command and control your facility’s security. MASC takes security to the next level through integration of multiple systems that control and automate access control, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, intercom, video surveillance, (both DVR and NVR systems), photo ID badging and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) into one seamless software package.

MASC’s graphical user interface (GUI) provides operators with a visual representation of their facility. The GUI is completely customizable similar to a customer’s own website. Symbols, icons, sounds and text are dragged and dropped onto imported maps or floor plans and display the real-time status of one or many points. Over 50 different operator control functions can be linked to these objects and automatically executed with a click of the mouse or touch of the screen. Event responses can be pre-programmed based on user defined logical constructs.

MASC’s simple, user-friendly guard station interface ensures that security status and critical control functions are always at your fingertips never hidden under layers of menus or multiple screens.Even when an operator is not present, the system can be programmed to react to a situation as sensors from these multiple systems continue to be collected making the decisions a security director outlines and tells the security staff how to react.

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