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MLC-8icd MASC Intercom
Paging Controller

MAC-4R Controller

The MLC-8IC is a fully Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) built specifically for controlling Audio. All the relays are connected to one audio bus. It supports both intercom and paging controls with PLC ladder logic. It’s equipped with distributed intelligence as each controller has its own processor and makes its own decisions. Ladder logic programming comes pre-configured but can be modified to meet a variety of applications. MASC is enabled with a smart (S)PLC that stores all configurations settings in the controllers. It’s flexible, dependable and easy to program.

The advantages here are simple. Because every controller has its own processing power, the system can continue to grow without losing performance. This also brings the single point of failure down to one controller The Echelon communications network provides fast peer-to-peer communications between controllers; where one controller can control other controllers on the same network. The family of products include a variety of input and output controllers fully programmable and fully compatible with its sister product, the MAC-4R Access Controller.

The MLC-8IC supports up to 8 audio stations each having an input and audio rated output point. The outputs are all connected to a common talk path or bus. Each input can be individually configured to operate as normally open or normally closed, supervised, or nonsupervised. Every point is equipped with LED status indicators to provide visual status of the inputs and outputs.

In short, it's a Echelon Intercom Controller.