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Courthouse Security

Police Station


Some courthouses are small to mid size and others built on a grand scale. In either case the MASC touchscreen with MAC-4R controllers are very scalable. The system can expand to hundreds or thousands of doors using distributed processing control panels. These controllers are normally scattered thoughout the facilities in regional wiring closets. Both Lon-Talk and Ethernet can be used to tie them all together. It’s a great combination that allows for peer-to-peer communications supporting Man-traps, sallyports, and other high security conditions.

Some of the special functionality required in courthouse security applications include:

The MASC integrated system when combined with MAC-4R controllers and the right camera system offers all this functionality and more.

Courthouse Security Screen

All of the functions above can be combined into one system with touchscreen control. Operators or users can be restricted to only see their area of control or have special functions based on where they login. In this way as they rotate their shifts and move to a different area of the building, when they login they get the appropriate screens for the area they’re in. The system integrators job becomes easier because when you design the graphic maps for the MASC server, all of the maps can be made available for any workstation given the right privileges.

In short, it's one of the best physical Courthouse Security GUI on the market today.