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About Abba Logic

Abba Logic started supplying product to security integrators in 1999. We decided to build quality products that would last a long time without much service. To date, we have hundreds of systems all over the world operating 24 hours a day without any problems.

Our specialty is integrated Access Control, PLC Control, CCTV, and Intercom controlled through Graphical maps showing the layout of the facility. We are a perfect fit for police stations, courthouses, and county jails. But don't let that stop you, we fit in a variety of applications.

Abba Logic designs and develops Echelon based Access Control and PLC logic controllers. These controllers follow Open Technology SNVT design so any Echelon equipment can communicate with them.

Our goal is to provide the marketplace with standard off the shelf controllers that could be used in a variety of software front-ends and applications.

We're the only ones on the market that have combined Access Control and PLC control into one control panel. So why do this. It's like having open ended firmware. Let's say you need something special to happen upon someone coming into work. The first read of the day could turn on the lights, start the HVAC control system and disarm all the motion sensors.

If your looking to update an existing system there may be a way of using the existing software or hardware. If you're looking to upgrade your hardware but can not afford to do the whole thing at once. We might be able to provide a software driver so you can expand and upgrade your system one controller at a time. We also have the MASC front end that presently has over 52 different hardware drivers for over 26 different manufacturers. If we don't have a hardware driver we might be able to write one for you.


Abba Logic
3816 - 15th St. Racine, WI 53405
(262) 634-4566
Open Technology Controllers
Echelon Technology
MAC-4R Access Controller
PLC Controller
  • Access Control
  • PLC Ladder Programming
  • Peer-to-Peer Communications
  • Ethernet Connectivity
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