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The MASC HMI software offers our award winning Graphical Control System and includes a fully integrated Access Control system free of charge. Most detension locking systems are provided with two systems. One for graphical locking and real-time point status and the other for Access Control. Not only do you have to pay for two systems but you normally have to go to two seperate computers to do your work.

User-Definable Database, MASC allows the user (operator) to add database fields and change the layout of the Card Database screen thereby adding any type of field to the card database.

Card Database Searching, Searches can be done on any database field with partial names. The results of the Search would be show in a list on the left, allowing the User to select the Cardholder they are searching for. The search system also supports any custom fields that have been added to this screen.

CAC and FIPS201 support, The MASC software supports most if not all the basic Wiegand card readers along with CAC and FIPS201 cards. The controller  supports the all these cards types at the same time so you can mix and match these at will. If you’re using CAC cards for staff you may want to use standard prox cards for vendors and contractors.

Access Levels, The Access Control system was designed in a manner that allows small pre-defined door groups to be combined together to create the access level on the card screen per card. This eliminates the need to create separate access level for a specific card or group of cards.

Access Level Timezones, The system shall support different times for different doors. All of these times and door assignments can be combined together in predefined groups that can be assigned to a card holder.

Activation/Expiration Dates, The system supports Activation and Expiration Dates, hereby allowing the card to expire automatically by a certain date. This is normally used to make sure the staff has their certification and authorization levels up to date.

Badge Creation, MASC software supports any number of badge layouts Horizontal, Vertical, Front and Back, allowing us to assign them to cardholders. The badge design shall allow any card database field to be added to the design of the badge. It also supports the adding of graphic icons in jpg, gif, and png format.

Badge Creation Part II, The system can also change the design of the badge on the fly by adding and removing graphics from the badge layout. This saves the User from having to create badge type(s) for a specific type of entry. This is mainly used in airports as the design of the badge has to reflect the type of access they have.

Visitors and Escorts, MASC supports Visitor Badges which track where visitors have gone. The trick is we need to track where they have been, but they must be escorted by someone with Escort privileges. Our badging meets all the criteria for Nuclear Power plants.

Threat Levels, MASC supports threat levels so if the treat level goes up, certain cards may have to stop granting access. This may be required for certain types of contractor cards.

Special Lockdown Conditions, Because the MASC system is also a PLC, almost anything is possible. For example The system allows us to program a specific door for lockdown conditions. If the area has been locked down, only specified Groups of card holders will be granted access.

Man Traps, The system supports man traps where as there are two doors on either side of a room. Users can freely go through this area but only one door can be opened at any time. The first door has to close and be secure before the second door can be opened.

Two Man Rule, A door could be programmed so two unique cardholder have to present their card at a door before it’s opened. This is also used for fuel pumps so emplyees can only put gas in company vehicles.

First one In Rule, The system shall not timezone control any doors to unlock until a valid card holder shows up and enters the building.

Reports, The MASC system supports any history report over any requested date range giving the User the ability to filter the report by Event Type, Card Number, Card Holder name, Building name, Door name, or any combination thereof.

Report Export, The system allows the User to export any historical event report in to an Excel format.

Badge Activity Tab, The system supports a Badge Activity tab so when you bring up a card holder in the database you can immediately see where this person has been without running a history report. The badge activity tab would show the most current activity at the top and display in descending order.

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