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Government Buildings


Town Halls and Government buildings

When providing a Security System for Water Treatment, Village or Town Hall there are also a few things to keep in mind. First of all, the system will probably have to be expandable as there are a number of other buildings that could be added on to the system; Public Works, Police Station, Health Department, or Utilities. Ask yourself the key question, “Do I want to allow our police officers access into all our buildings?” or “Do I want to allow our staff access between buildings?” if so, you might want one system to cover all the buildings. The other key issue is connectivity. Do you have a wide area network (WAN) tying them all together?

Fortunately you already have the 24-hour a day monitoring service provided by the local police department so take advantage of it. Place a MASC server at the PD and expand it from there. Use the WAN for connectivity and save yourself some money.

You might say, any system can do this for me. Yes, most systems on the market today offer Ethernet connectivity, but most systems on the market do not have the functionality required to control or monitor the Police Department. Since this is the most demanding of all systems, get a system that can do that first and the rest is easy.

Water Treatment Facilities

Water treatment facilities have the challenge of tying multiple campus in multiple cities all together. The system of choice has to have the connectivity to be IP addressable and communicate over their WAN. Staff from their district may have access in any combination of these plants. MASC can support hundreds of buildings all over the state. It even supports buildings in different time zones.

Now take it to the next level, as systems get bigger they get out of control and if not programmed properly could be creating more alarms than can be followed up on. The answer, create graphic maps of all your buildings. If something is not wired properly or programmed properly it will show up immediately on the graphic maps. The graphic maps need to monitor real-time-point status not just present a graphic map at the time of alarm. You’ll see any door not wired properly immediately.  

Accountability is also needed. These plants have millions of dollars worth of equipment that needs to be accounted for. So who’s the last person to take that tractor? If you have it recorded you’ll know, so integrated CCTV almost becomes a must.

MASC can also do PLC control and we all know how much PLC control our utilities use. This just maybe a very simple way of solving a complex problem we all have.