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MLC-RIO-T, Remote I/O
PLC Controller

MAC-4R Controller

It’s the world’s smallest PLC.
The MLC-RIO-T is an fully intelligent distributed processing PLC Controller, just run data and power cables. It was designed for remote installation at or near the field devices. When used for security applications, it can fit into the door jam and control all the devices a secured door might need; Door Lock, DPS, Rex, Slider motor (open and close), and control intercom or paging circuits.
The RIO stands for Remote I/O as it supports 6 inputs, and 4 dry-C outputs. The integrated Echelon communications scheme brings IP connectivity, reliability, inter-panel communications, and high addressability. The Echelon communications allow for up to 300 meters of cabling in a free topology configuration.
The inputs, and outputs can be configured in any shape or form to meet special conditions for opening a door, Sally ports, or programming interlocked doors.
This is a perfect fit for distributed control of detention movement doors, cell doors, or any other facility control you may need.


MLC-RIO-TA, Remote I/O with Audio

The MLC-RIO-TA is the same controller except it only has 2 Dry-C ouputs for controlling doors and an additional 2 Audio Relays and a connection to an intercom bus. It's used for supporting PLC based intercom applications.