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MAC-RDC MASC Access Control

MAC-4R Access Control

This Remote Door Controller (RDC) provides all the benefits of distributed processing and distributed cabling at a cost effective price. The Controller provides Access Control, PLC Control, and Intercom control all in one unit. All the connections are local to the door with data, intercom, and power cables coming from a central location. IT directors have been asking for a POE device so they can use their network cable and use their POE switches. The only problem with that is that 80% of all the door locks installed are 24v and a POE device cannot support 24v or 110v locks. This handy little controller can control 12, 24 or 110v locks, and as an added benefit the relays are individually fused at 5 amps.
Although this device is not POE powered it does offer all the benefits people are looking for with POE.

The controllers can be powered using 12 or 24vdc so you only need one power supply for all the locks and controllers together.